Grades Taught



Bawlf School serves over 300 students in E.C.S. to grade 12. We offer all high school core courses and have a variety of options for junior and senior high students. Students from the village of Bawlf and from the surrounding areas come together to form an amazing community you won't find anywhere else.

Programs and Services

We take pride in the many aspects of our program at Bawlf School. We have: 

  • a very strong academic emphasis and a corresponding success rate to support it.
  • programming that focuses primarily on the core courses
  • opportunities to participate in a number of non-core subjects at the junior/senior high school level.
  • ECS & elementary students that receive single graded instruction in all core subject disciplines.
  • a beginning Band program for grades 5 and 6.
  • French instruction in grades 4 to 6

 Other courses include: 

  • French is offered at the high school level.
  • a junior high timetable containing daily Phys Ed, Health, Outdoor Education, leadership study and the choice between Band or Theatre Studies
  • Home Economics and Industrial Arts instruction for Grades 7 to 9 at Camrose Composite High School one morning per week
  • All Diploma Exam subjects offered to high school students pursuing post-secondary opportunities
  • Students are able to explore a variety of courses specific to their individual interests via on-line instruction
  • Work Experience and RAP (Registered Apprenticeship Program).
  • The Green Certificate program allowing to earn credits out-of-school hours in agriculture related studies such as Cow-Calf Beef Production, Equine Technician and Field Crop Production.