Principal's Message

‘Achieving Excellence’ 

At Bawlf School, ‘Achieving Excellence’ isn’t just a motto; it’s a way of life. Our students are extremely proud of the school’s long-standing legacy of exemplifying excellence and work hard to achieve excellence academically, socially, athletically and creatively each day. They value the caring and supportive relationships formed in our school, admire and appreciate the passion and high expectations modeled daily by our staff and willingly take on the shared responsibility of ensuring Bawlf School is a caring and supportive place to be. 

In Bawlf School we strongly believe it is our responsibility to prepare students to successfully enter the rapidly changing world of the 21st century.   Our dedicated teachers create authentic and engaging learning experiences that develop students’ foundational skills and encourage higher level thinking.

Technology has become a daily part of the learning environment for Bawlf School students.  Whether it’s the ECS netbook use at centre time, high school students with one-to-one laptop access or elementary classes creating wikis and blogs, the power of digital learning to accelerate and deepen student understanding is experienced throughout Bawlf School.  

Bawlf School parents play a key role in their child’s educational experience and we value the support they provide for our students and the school as a whole. ‘Achieving Excellence’ is a result of the combined effort of the entire Bawlf School community to personify excellence and be relentless in helping our children do the same. 

I invite you to take a tour through our website to learn even more about Bawlf School. As you will see, our students truly are ‘Achieving Excellence’.

​Shane Gau