School Plans and Reports

​Performance Measurement in Education

Performance measures in school authority and school plans and results reports provide information on achievement of outcomes on key aspects of the education system. This information is an essential part of accountability that enables the organization to:

- Assess and report on progress, what is working well and what needs improvement.

- Determine priorities for improvement and set improvement targets

- Make program and budget decisions to maintain good performance and improve performance in areas requiring improvement.

Measures typically provide quantifiable information on key aspects of education. This information is generated quantitatively through tests, surveys, and data analysis or through qualitative means, such as observation, interviews and portfolio reviews. Whether quantitative or qualitative, measures demonstrate observable change. To be meaningful, measures information is obtained regularly (e.g. annually) and is normally expressed in percentages, ratios or numbers in relation to a total.


Bawlf School Three Year Plan 2023-2024

Bawlf School Three Year Plan 2019-2020

Bawlf School Three Year Plan 2018-19