Culture of Success

​The "Culture of Success" document is a Battle River Regional initiative that has been designed to ensure that all their schools will ensure a positive school experience for every child.


At Bawlf School we are committed to:




Caring Relationships


*Sense of Belonging

Create and build caring and supportive relationships​

  • Consideration and support of others

  • Respectful communication

  • Demonstration of honesty, openness, connectedness, kindness, humour and celebration​



*Smooth Transitions

Demonstrating a strong desire to excel​

  • Engagement and commitment to demonstrating your best

  • Contribution to the success of the school community

  • Purposeful collaboration toward a shared goal​



*Exemplary Character

Shared obligation to ensure and promote positive actions in the school community​

  • On time and on task

  • Integrity and honesty

  • High expectations of self and others

  • Upholding the values of the school and community

  • Demonstrating respect

  • Doing the right thing​

 *Connection to BRSD - Welcoming and Inviting, 21st Century Learning, Assessment and Literacy