School Council

2019-2020 Bawlf School Council

Chairperson ~ Christee Langkamp

Vice Chair ~ 

Secretary ~ Trudi Duheme

Grab & Go Breakfast Coordinator ~ Terry Lynn Sereda

Breakfast Program Co-Facilitator ~ Michelle Molinski 

Hot Lunch Coordinator ~ Christee Langkamp

Non-Officer Parent representatives ~ Erin Reimer, Ainsley Severson, Chelsea Bergstrom, Michelle Van Petten, Stephanie Enright, Gail Cunningham


Our purpose:

Bawlf School Council is a structured group of parents, school administration, staff representative(s), community representatives and secondary student(s) whose purpose is to advise the principal and the school board on matters relating to the school.  It is a means for parents and community members to work together with the school to support and enhance student learning and wellness.


Our belief statements:

  • Bawlf School is a collaborative partnership of students, parents, teachers, and community members committed to promoting the success of every student and celebrating the individuality of every learner.

  • We are committed to the overall wellness of the students, parents, teachers, staff and the school community as a whole.  

  • Quality education requires active involvement of the school community through consultation, collaboration and open communication between all members of that community including the school, the home and the community at large.

  • Bawlf School Council in their advisory capacity can serve as an on-going mechanism for effective two-way communication and consultation between the school and the school community.

  • Every voice has value and should be given opportunity to be heard through supportive processes of engagement and problem-solving.

  • Relationships between the school, the home and the community can be strengthened through the Bawlf School Council.

  • By committing ourselves to these core beliefs, we are creating a community of learners united in helping themselves, others, and their community.

We also play an active role in providing information to our parents and supporting our students and school. We believe that all members of the school community need to work together to provide the best possible environment for success for our students every day. The council also organizes the Grab & Go Breakfast Program and the Hot Lunch Program at the school.

2019-2020 Meeting Schedule (all meetings start at 6:30pm) ~ September 10, November 19, January 14, March 10, May 12, Annual General Meeting June 9.  

We would love to hear your ideas and have you become involved in whatever capacity you are able.  If you would like to be a part of school council or require any more information please do not hesitate to contact council Chair: Christee Langkamp. 

Council also has a Facebook page to keep parents up to date on what is happening in and around the school.